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DJ's Comment On Charley Waco!

United States:
​​DJ (Bare-Foot) Jimmy Lawson from the Space Coast At Florida says, ​"We love Charley's three songs airing at this internet radio station and our listeners show their support on Facebook for this music artist." 

United States:
DJ Bobbie Spider Webb; KPOO Radio In San Francisco California.
"Charley Waco's (Good Old Days) will be a hit!"
Victoria Austrailia:
Big Al Watts;  PBS 106.7 FM
"​Waco has a way with a song. He's gonna do a few miles with his act! Nine points out of ten!"

Gerd Stassen: "Charley Waco is first on our playlist. What mellow vintage in his voice!"

DJ C.J. Laponder: Frequent FM
"We're in for More from Charley Waco! We won't forget him.  Super!"

Fargo Islands:
​DJ Petur Rouch: Foroya Radio
"Charley Waco has made our Top Ten Play List!"

Spanga Sweeden:
DJ Peter Ahlm: Viking Radio
​"Charley Waco is a Classic!"

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