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A Tribute to The Men In Blue!

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  • Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier3:57
  • Comin Home3:40
  • Good Old Days3:04

 Powered by the Free, Eternal Spirit of the Buffalo Soldiers!



  Charley Waco

 Buffalo Soldier

Last Update: 06-26-2020

In February of 2012, I wrote the "Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier," a western style song inspired by the rich history of the Buffalo Soldiers and the honorable record they compiled while serving in the United States Army. Inspired by their free and eternal spirit, I now share access to the ballad, along with two additional songs in the audio player above.

Not only is this song dedicated to the American Buffalo Soldiers who wore
  (The Blue)  back in mid-nineteenth century America, but it is also dedicated to all honorable men and women of integrity who have ever worn the blue, who wear the blue today, and who will wear the blue in the future because they put their lives on the line everyday to protect and to serve the people!  Enjoy!

Charley Waco/Buffalo Soldier