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  Charley Waco

 Buffalo Soldier

Last Update: 06-23-2017

The original Buffalo Soldiers  were descendants of free Africans, brought by force from Africa to the Americas where they were worked without pay as slaves. These new soldiers included African American farmers just up from  slavery, former African-American Civil War veterans, and  many other free men of color. During the first two years following the end of the Civil War, they joined the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments of the United States Army. These black cavalry regiments were authorized by congress on July 28, 1866. The name 'Buffalo Soldier' was given to the former African slaves by the brave, tribal warriors they fought. The name eventually became synonymous with all African-American Soldiers in cavalry and infantry regiments formed in 1866.

Today the Buffalo Soldiers ride once again under the flag of the United States and the Constitutional Republic for which it stands. We ride in support of the Constitution, the rule of law of the land, the ending of all suffering, and the total enlightenment and liberation of all sentient beings, with freedom, equality, liberty and justice for all, forever.

​​Back in February of 2012 I wrote the (Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier,) a western style song inspired by the rich history of the Buffalo Soldiers and the honorable record they compiled serving in the United States Army. Inspired and empowered  by their free, eternal spirit, we share access to the  ballad,...Click Here!